We are a design consultant firm aimed at the human-centered sustainable approach in design, graphics, and fabrication. Our design strategy is an interactive process that embodies a realm of ideas, techniques, forms, and sustainable principles that uncover the needs of the client into an exploratory reality. Identity for each project (small or large) is our primary design challenge and passion we aim to exploit through design, products, services, spaces, and form.




Building Information Modeling (BIM; Revit, CAD)

model building systems

build-design strategies

sustainable residential design

material research

surface modeling



An visionary expression of graphic media that explores  potential techniques (concept and digital) where an idea is transformed from the canvas into a visionary reality. Current capabilities include rendering 3D models using programs that accurately simulate a scene that caters to the client. Time quality, and details are our highest concern when delivering the final product for rapid development. We also develop websites, advertisements, illustrations, storyboards, and marketing schematics for any unique project.



graphic design

architectural graphics

3D renders and scene simulations







Product design challenges our conceptual thinking into the physical realm where we test the material's properties to better understand its composition for fabrication. We design each product with an investigative approach that explores the potentials in structure and surface manipulation to give the idea of "visionary exploratory."









furniture design development


surface manipulation

surface molding



What we do and how we approach our design on various projects are projected on this site to inspire designers using a different methodology to practice. From concept to design, development to fabrication, each project is a representation of systems that embody an energetic expression, molding as a emergent composition.








works in progress!